Cannes Film Festival 2022 Predictions | Awards Insights
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Cannes Film Festival 2022 Predictions

Cannes Film Festival 2022 Predictions

Though the Cannes Film Festival does not usually affect the Oscar race outside of the International Feature category (Cannes successes Parasite and Drive My Car are exceptions and signal a growing significance for the festival in the Oscar race), the event might be the most important period of the year for cinephiles. To highlight these fantastic, oftentimes pathbreaking, and adventurous films (and the festival that celebrates them), here are my Cannes 2022 predictions

Palme D’Or

Close is probably the most universally-appealing film on the slate this year and with a jury that includes both Joachim Trier and Deepika Padukone, that universality will likely propel it to victory.

Pick: Close

Could Be: Decision to Leave and Tori and Lokita


Pick: Decision to Leave – Park Chan-Wook

Could Be: EO – Jerzy Smolinski


Pick: Mbundu Joely – Tori and Lokita

Could Be: Tang Wei – Decision to Leave, Lee Ji-Eun – Broker, Margaret Qualley – The Stars at Noon


Pick: Song Kang-Ho – Broker

Could Be: Viggo Mortensen – Crimes of the Future


Pick: Triangle of Sadness

Could Be: Holy Spider, R.M.N., Armageddon Time

Jury Prize

Pick: Tori and Lokita

Could Be: Boy From Heaven or EO

Grand Prix

Pick: EO

Could Be: Boy From Heaven, Tori and Lokita, or Triangle of Sadness